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sleeping beauty

the poet awakens
and realizes
she was a poet all along.
she just needed
the kiss of the Divine
to bring her out of her slumber…
and awaken to her true Nature.



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Quakes, Ebbs and Flows

I arrived in the central coastal California area last night.  The evening mist was a welcome sight and feeling, as I had just spent the past three months in the high dry New Mexico desert.  Upon awakening this morning and connecting to the Internet, I read about the tragic earthquake and tsunami in Japan.  Thankfully my cousin who lives south of Tokyo is safe, although his apartment is trashed from the main quake and several aftershocks.  He fared well, considering the reports of many others.  I thought about those people and how the effects of the natural disaster which occurred nearly 5500 miles away were also affecting both the waters and the people in coastal California. (more…)

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