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Off the Grid and On the Mat

Last week a dear one was away for the week surfing in Mexico. It wasn’t until a few days after he left when I texted him, and did not receive a reply that I realized he was off the grid. Being accustomed to exchanging texts almost daily, it felt weird to suddenly be unable to connect with him.

At first glance, I found myself dancing the twist and shout with the Ego mind (imagine the Elaine Benes dance on Seinfeld) because I felt disconnected from my friend. As the Santa Ana winds blew through Santa Barbara, I watched my vata dosha get all wonky (one of the haha gunas) and the next thing I knew, I was feeling lonely and insecure about being out of touch with this dear one. It only lasted a few minutes, but the feeling got my attention. Where the attention goes, prana goes…and the desire to understand such a sudden and irrational feeling. So I asked myself, “why does this feel like such a big deal and what is there to learn from this situation?” (more…)


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the way

the mind wants compliance,

the heart seeks guidance.

never mind,

all ways heart.

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first grace

ego wants to win at tug o’ war;

heart wants to play hug o’ war.

ego wants to win at crack the whip;

heart wants to play smack my lips.

ego wants to win at hide, not seek;

heart wants to play find and greet.

ego wants to win,

heart just wants to play.

no rules,

just fools

in love.

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