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the way

the mind wants compliance,

the heart seeks guidance.

never mind,

all ways heart.


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first grace

ego wants to win at tug o’ war;

heart wants to play hug o’ war.

ego wants to win at crack the whip;

heart wants to play smack my lips.

ego wants to win at hide, not seek;

heart wants to play find and greet.

ego wants to win,

heart just wants to play.

no rules,

just fools

in love.

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going out of your mind

and in to your heart.

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road trip


choosing to travel the inner state

versus the interstate,

no mile markers or speed limits

to define me or confine me.

just plenty of rest stops

along the way.

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experiencing divine love

we find

the soul relationship


the whole relationship.

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angel lullaby

let go.

there’s nothing to hold onto…

nothing to lose.

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smiles and tears…

divine light and holy water.

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