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Kapha is King of the Road When Balanced

AV on the Road Kapha

by Kellen Brugman for Maharishi Ayurveda on July 26, 2012

In the heat of summer, kapha predominant folks may have a challenging time getting off the couch and leaving the cozy comforts of their air conditioned homes. Due to the qualities of stable, heavy, and dense, a kapha predominant person tends to be more of a homebody. They are not as prone to the travel bug as vata and pitta types. However, the stimulation of new sights and experiences is good for kapha.

Kapha, the dosha made of water and earth, provides the body with lubrication, support, and protection. It creates stability and patience in the mind. The main site of kapha is the lungs, with some of the secondary sites being the sinuses, stomach, and joints. The dosha made up of the most gross of the five elements, kapha is less apt to become unbalanced due to the lifestyle aspect of travelling. The stable and heavy qualities are grounding and offset the mobile, light, and subtle qualities of travelling. (more…)


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Grounding Vata When You Are on the Move


photo by katie mclean of gypsyeye.com


by Kellen Brugman for the Maharishi Ayurveda blog on July 19, 2012


Summertime is the season of vacations and road trips. It’s a time to embark on new adventures. There is a sense of great excitement and freedom at discovering new places, foods, and customs. Travel stimulates new ideas, creativity, and personal growth. A change of routine and surroundings brings a sense of freshness to our life and relationships.

However, a change of routine also causes irregularity in the body and mind. Due to vata’s inherent mobile quality, travel tends to aggravate the vata dosha. Made up of the air and space elements, vata governs all movement in the body. It’s responsible for movement of the muscles, respiration, heart rate, and the flow of thoughts and emotions. These functions have a natural regular cycle. So, excess movement such as long car rides and airplane travel can upset these functions, causing stress. (more…)

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Morning Meditation

As the sun rises
my mind sets.
And a new day
can begin.

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The Sea of Love

Swimming in the Rasa of Santa Barbara

Photo by Michael Stern


I moved to Santa Barbara in July. After spending seven months in Albuquerque and what felt like 40 years (due to several mishaps with the rental trailer) crossing the deserts of New Mexico, Arizona and California, I was never so happy to see water. Lots of water. Water is gushing everywhere. The Pacific Ocean. Lagoons. Rivers. Creeks. Mountain springwater swimming holes. Oh, and not to forget the water in the sky – the fog and marine layer, which I found out are two different forms of the water element. How these two different kinds of condensation are formed and named is based on weather conditions.  But to borrow off a Dylan quote, I don’t need a weatherman to know that the dance between the water and air elements here in Santa Barbara is gorgeous divine magic. I love watching the fog waltz in and over the mesa, then pass through the canyons. What the locals call the “June Gloom”, which this year lasted until early August, was a welcome sight and feel to my rasa depleted body.  (more…)

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Give and Take

When you give me some piece of your mind
I give you some peace in my heart.
That kind of exchange is no fair trade.

So the next time you lose your mind
I promise to lose heart
And take my business elsewhere.

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Note:  This is a two part article.  It was originally going to be a short piece explaining the eight limbs of yoga.  However, after beginning the article next to a tree in my garden, the tree had something to say too.  Hope you enjoy the piece…maybe even read it next to your favorite tree. 

It is springtime and nearly impossible to not notice the trees.  Being in hibernation the past few months, they are now awakening.  The light and warmth of the sun has called them out of their slumber.  They hear the sun’s call and reply with verdant green displays of life.  The trees and sun share a sacred relationship, one that embodies the power and beauty of agni – the energy of transformation.  Agni in Nature is amazing to observe.  In springtime, agni works as a force of creation.  This force of Nature is felt by all living creatures, as it is the season where flowers emerge from what was once silent ground and butterflies appear from the warm ethers.  During spring, animals mate, bees buzz, ants march, and peoples’ thoughts turn to romance and rejuvenation.  It’s also a wonderful time to experience transformation in ones yoga practice. (more…)

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for the mind.

Dosage:  Daily

Refills:  Each moment for Eternity.

Possible Side Effects:  Clarity, vitality, joy, pleasure, focus, compassion, bliss.

Cost:  Free

Insurance Plan:  Covered by the blessed assurance of the Divine.

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