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Don’t know much about astronomy. Don’t know much astrology. Don’t know much about perigee moon. Don’t know much about moon in Scorpio. But I do know this, over the course of the super moon weekend, the energies in the cosmos knocked me out of orbit, in the mental and emotional sense. To put in terms of celestial physics, I was whacked out of a natural balanced state – the place where my life connects me, via a spiritual gravitational pull, to the Divine. (more…)


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Mendon Ponds Water Lily

by Michael Stern

“To thine own self be true”, is one of Shakespeare’s famous quotes.  Not only is it poetic, but it’s also Ayurvedic.  To know one’s true nature – their true Self, allows one to best maintain health.  It also provides valuable knowledge when health becomes imbalanced and healing remedies are needed.


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