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“Slowing Down with the Two-Step and Yoga”

A dear friend, the one who meets me in the smile space and manages to give me karmic kicks in the butt without ever leaving a boot print, wants me to teach him how to two-step. It’s an odd request, as folks typically ask for yoga lessons or Ayurvedic consults. However there was a time in my life when I used to regularly do the two-step, tripping the cowboy lights fantastic at a western bar named Lucille’s. (more…)


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Don’t know much about astronomy. Don’t know much astrology. Don’t know much about perigee moon. Don’t know much about moon in Scorpio. But I do know this, over the course of the super moon weekend, the energies in the cosmos knocked me out of orbit, in the mental and emotional sense. To put in terms of celestial physics, I was whacked out of a natural balanced state – the place where my life connects me, via a spiritual gravitational pull, to the Divine. (more…)

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Off the Grid and On the Mat

Last week a dear one was away for the week surfing in Mexico. It wasn’t until a few days after he left when I texted him, and did not receive a reply that I realized he was off the grid. Being accustomed to exchanging texts almost daily, it felt weird to suddenly be unable to connect with him.

At first glance, I found myself dancing the twist and shout with the Ego mind (imagine the Elaine Benes dance on Seinfeld) because I felt disconnected from my friend. As the Santa Ana winds blew through Santa Barbara, I watched my vata dosha get all wonky (one of the haha gunas) and the next thing I knew, I was feeling lonely and insecure about being out of touch with this dear one. It only lasted a few minutes, but the feeling got my attention. Where the attention goes, prana goes…and the desire to understand such a sudden and irrational feeling. So I asked myself, “why does this feel like such a big deal and what is there to learn from this situation?” (more…)

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the way

the mind wants compliance,

the heart seeks guidance.

never mind,

all ways heart.

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first grace

ego wants to win at tug o’ war;

heart wants to play hug o’ war.

ego wants to win at crack the whip;

heart wants to play smack my lips.

ego wants to win at hide, not seek;

heart wants to play find and greet.

ego wants to win,

heart just wants to play.

no rules,

just fools

in love.

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going out of your mind

and in to your heart.

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the key

fear blocks

love unlocks


in my


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