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It is mid-month, October 12, and the full moon is dancing across the sky. Within the past 12 hours, I’ve twice found myself sitting between the ethereal movements of the moon and sun. Dusk and dawn have beckoned me to Mediation Hill, the new space on the eastern hillside of my Santa Barbara home. A space which when I moved here in July was nothing but rocks and brush. Over the past 3 months, it has transformed into a little meditation space…a magical fortress of driftwood pillars surrounded by succulent gardens and ancient rocks.

Last night at dusk after teaching a sweet full moon Vinyasa class on Isla Vista, I sat on the hill. Looking to the West, the sun departed with a pinkish orange sigh over the Santa Ynez Mountains. In the East, the full moon quietly rose into the sky. Jupiter, Lord over the October night skies, kept a watchful eye on the whole scene, his golden smile shining down on me. There amidst the changing of the celestial guards of day and night, I settled into the quiet embrace of the twilight which offered me shelter from my thoughts. (more…)


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