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Kapha is King of the Road When Balanced

AV on the Road Kapha

by Kellen Brugman for Maharishi Ayurveda on July 26, 2012

In the heat of summer, kapha predominant folks may have a challenging time getting off the couch and leaving the cozy comforts of their air conditioned homes. Due to the qualities of stable, heavy, and dense, a kapha predominant person tends to be more of a homebody. They are not as prone to the travel bug as vata and pitta types. However, the stimulation of new sights and experiences is good for kapha.

Kapha, the dosha made of water and earth, provides the body with lubrication, support, and protection. It creates stability and patience in the mind. The main site of kapha is the lungs, with some of the secondary sites being the sinuses, stomach, and joints. The dosha made up of the most gross of the five elements, kapha is less apt to become unbalanced due to the lifestyle aspect of travelling. The stable and heavy qualities are grounding and offset the mobile, light, and subtle qualities of travelling. (more…)


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Pacifying Pitta When Vacations Heat Up


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by Kellen Brugman for Maharishi Ayurveda Blog on July 22, 2012


With just over a month of summer remaining, many folks are planning family vacations and getaways before school resumes. Or perhaps your staycation includes trips to the local beach or amusement park. Wherever you choose to enjoy the summertime frolics, be sure to take care of your pitta dosha.

Pitta, the dosha made of fire and water, is responsible for digestion and transformation in the body and mind. Its main site is the small intestine. According to Ayurveda, summer is considered pitta season. Both share the same qualities of hot, light/bright, sharp, oily and liquid. Because like increases like, it’s important for pitta predominant folks to keep pitta pacified during summer. In balance, pitta provides strong digestion, impressive organizational skills, and strong stamina. Out of balance, pitta is prone to acid indigestion, excessive sweating, stubbornness, and impatience.

As you prepare for a summer excursion, know what to do in order to keep pitta dosha balanced. When the dosha is in its main site, there is balance and ease in the body and mind. In Ayurvedic travel tips, the goal is to keep the dosha at “home”, while one enjoys time on the road. (more…)

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